VLBI Analysis Software

Here are some additional software requirements that arise if you intend to participate in Laboratory classes by Lisakov on Thursday to Saturday of the first week.
The main goal of these classes is to make a brief insight in VLBI continuum data calibration, AGN mapping and some basic scientific analysis.

In order to actively participate you are kindly recommended to bring a laptop running Linux or MacOS operating system.
I hope Sasha has already convinced you to.

Software we are going to use :

2. Difmap

The former is a widely used package for calibrating VLBI data.
The latter is a mapping, modelfitting program.

Here are some point on getting and installation of these software.

1. AIPS could be found here (this is not the latest version but I recommend this one as already tested by me and AIPS community)

a) Nowadays installation of AIPS should be quite straightforward.
I hope you choose the "Binary installation".
You will need to have perl, rsync, cvs which all are usually included in any Linux distribution.

Download the install.pl in the directory where you intend to install AIPS


script, run it

chmod +x install.pl

and it will make all the work for you. Sometimes it complains if you are in the root user group or a root. Then you'd better make a different user for running AIPS.
Just follow these instructions:

Note that it will take some time to download and install all the stuff.

b) After installation you should add some services to /etc/services file:

sssin 5000/tcp SSSIN # AIPS TV server
ssslock 5002/tcp SSSLOCK # AIPS TV Lock
msgserv 5008/tcp MSGSERV # AIPS Message Server
tekserv 5009/tcp TEKSERV # AIPS TekServer
aipsmt0 5010/tcp AIPSMT0 # AIPS remote FITS disk access
aipsmt1 5011/tcp AIPSMT1 # AIPS remote tape 1
aipsmt2 5012/tcp AIPSMT2 # AIPS remote tape 2
aipsmt3 5013/tcp AIPSMT3
aipsmt4 5014/tcp AIPSMT4
aipsmt5 5015/tcp AIPSMT5
aipsmt6 5016/tcp AIPSMT6
aipsmt7 5017/tcp AIPSMT7

c) Also it is convenient to add following to you .bashrc file (or any other that contains your shell defaults/aliases/variables declaration etc.):

AIPS_ROOT= PRINT_HERE_FULL_PATH_TO_YOUR_AIPS_FOLDER (the one where you ran install.pl)

this will make a simple shell command "aips" available for running AIPS.

2. Difmap could be found here:


And detailed installation notes here:


3. We will use some data to calibrate, map, and analyze.
I will provide sample data in advance during the first days of the School.

But if you desire to deal with some AGNs that are of your particular interest you are welcome to.
You can find uncalibrated data here:

Please use only VLBA uncalibrated (raw) data since 2000.

Sasha kindly permitted to use SOMA computation Google group for any of you questions and my answers.

Do not hesitate to contact and ask me.

Best regards,
Mikhail Lisakov.