School of Modern Astrophysics (SOMA-2014)

"X-ray Astronomy and Particle Astrophysics"

Travel information

Address: Aquamarine Spa Hotel
197720, Sankt-Peterburg, Zelenogorsk, Primorskoye av., 593-Н.

The School will take place in Aquamarine Spa Hotel, Zelenogorsk, located an hour drive away from Saint-Petersburg downtown. The city of Saint Petersburg has well-developed transportation links to other Russian cities and large cities all over the world.

Here is a map of St.-Petersburg metro.


If you arrive by train:
There are several large railway stations ("vokzals") in St. Petersburg. Trains from Moscow, other Russian cities to the south and south-east of St. Petersburg arrive at the Moskovskii vokzal, linked to the metro station Ploshchad' Vosstaniya. Most trains from the west and south-west arrive at the Vitebskii vokzal (metro station Pushkinskaya). Trains from the east and nord-east, as well as transit trains Helsinki—Moscow, arrive at the Ladozhskii vokzal (metro station Ladozhskaya). Trains Helsinki—Saint-Petersburg arrive at the Finlyandskii vokzal (metro station Ploshchad' Lenina). Baltiiskii vokzal (metro station Baltiiskaya) serves only regional trains.

If you arrive by plane:
Almost all passenger flights to St. Petersburg arrive at the Pulkovo international airport, located approx. 15 km south of St. Petersburg. Domestic and some international flights arrive at the Pulkovo-1 terminal, from where one can reach the Moskovskaya metro station by bus No. 39 or "marshrutka" (routed shared taxi, express minibus) No. 39. Most of international flights arrive at the Pulkovo-2 terminal, from where one can reach the Moskovskaya metro station by bus No. 13 or "marshrutka" No. 13. You will have to pay ∼25—60 roubles inside the car (depending on the route and your luggage). Alternatively, you can use an ordinary taxi (a cab). In the latter case, it is strongly recommended to order it upon arrival only at the official counters "Taxi Pulkovo" located in the arrival halls of Pulkovo-1 and Pulkovo-2 terminals (it should cost typically one–two thousand roubles).

From St.-Petersburg to Aquamarine Spa Hotel

By train
To reach Zelenogorsk, one can take train from Finlyandskii vokzal (metro station Ploshchad' Lenina). See timetable. If you do not meet the School shuttle bus (we let you know the timetable details later), you can take bus №213, 319, 420 or route taxi №305 from the railway station to «Helios Hotel» stop (~ 7 min).

By route taxi
to «Helios Hotel» stop (~ 1 hour) № 400 from metro station Ploshchad' Lenina, № 305 from metro station Staraya Derevnya, № 680 from metro station Prospekt Prosveshcheniya, № 827 from metro station Grazhdansky Prospekt.

Note: Lectures in the school start at 15:30 on Tuesday, 15 July. For this reason, you can arrive into school on the same day Tuesday, 15 July. We recommend that you arrive before noon, so you will be able to catch the lunch.