School of modern astrophysics-2014

X-ray astronomy

M.Revnivtsev (Space Research Institute)

Lecture plan

Lecture 1
Structure and evolution of stars: X-ray emitting objects. (pdf)

Lecture 2
History and development of X-ray astronomy. (pdf)

Lecture 3
Observational appearances of strong gravity in X-ray observations. (pdf)
data file for a power-law fit

Lecture 4
Methods of measurements of neutron star sizes.
Using the variability information to extract multiple spectral components. (pdf)

Lecture 5
Measurements of cosmic X-ray background. (pdf)

Lab 1
Introduction to low count statistics. Obtaining power spectra flux variability of X-ray sources (pdf)
1st task: LMC X-3 data file and another required file
Later task: source file for data reduction (NGC1068)
You may need also to download the DS9 software for data visualization

Lab 2
Obtaining energy spectrum of emission of X-ray source and its approximation by models. (pdf)

Lab 3
Reconstruction of astronomical images with the help of coding aperture telescopes.