School of modern astrophysics-2014

Relativistic Laser Plasmas

S.V.Bulanov (Kansai Photon Science Institute, Japan)

Lecture plan

Lecture 1. Laboratory Astrophysics with Relativistic Laser Plasmas

a) Relativistic Laser-Matter Interaction. Parameters characterizing the interaction regimes. Similarity of entities in space & laboratory laser plasmas (pdf)
b) Nonlinear waves in relativistic plasmas. Magnetic field line reconnection. Collisionless shock waves. Charged particle acceleration (pdf)

Lecture 2. Extreme field limits: Towards Studying of Nonlinear Quantum Electrodynamics Effects with High Power Lasers

a) Relativistic flying mirror concept of electromagnetic field intensification
b) Radiation dominated & QED regimes in the high intensity electromagnetic wave interaction with charged particles & vacuum
c) On the design of experiments for study of extreme field limits