School of modern astrophysics

Relativistic Particle Acceleration and Magnetic Field Amplification in Astrophysical Sources

A.M.Bykov (Ioffe Institute, Russia)

Lecture 1. Mechanisms of relativistic particle acceleration
a) Relativistic particles in galactic and extragalactic sources
b) Fermi mechanism of charged particle acceleration
c) Stochastic acceleration by MHD fluctuations
d) Diffusive shock acceleration. Nonlinear models of DSA.
(Pdf part 1, Pdf part 2)

Lecture 2. Non-thermal radiation from astrophysical sources with extreme energy release
a) Radiative signatures of relativistic particles in astrophysical objects
b) Supernova remnants and gamma ray bursts
c) Pulsar Wind Nebulae
d) Starburst galaxies and superbubbles