School of Modern Astrophysics (SOMA-2013)
"Active Galactic Nuclei: observations, theory, and simulations"

PUSHCHINO, July 1-12, 2013

Second Announcement
As you very well remember, SOMA-2013 is coming in a week. We take this opportunity to announce our brand new website that will help you to prepare for school. Here you will find the information about how to get the school (travel page), familiarize yourself with the lecture schedule and find out how to install the required software.

Please take a moment NOW to make sure that

1. The hotel was booked for you for the dates you have asked for. Please contact (please replace -at- with @) regarding this question.2. You know how to get to school (take a look at our travel page!).3. You are in the google group about computational software. You are very welcome to ask any questions there, but please do so as soon as possible. Sasha Tchekhovskoy <> and Sasha Philippov <> can help you with that.
On behalf of the organizing committee,Sasha Philippov.